Yoga at Patika


(The word “Patika” means a path in the countryside)

Yoga, which occupies a special place in the Patika project, is a teaching with a history dating back over 5000 years.   It is suitable for all body types and can be practiced by all people. At Patika, we embrace Yoga as a practice that empowers our inner selves as well as those around us.

We believe that if a person practices Yoga even just for a period of 4-5 days, especially in nature, and if it is complemented with healthy nutrition, it has the potential to inspire positive changes both in our bodies and inner selves.

We are currently working on what we call “YogaPatika”, which is guided primarily by  Hatha Yoga but includes aspects of “Anusura Yoga”, “Shadow Yoga”, “Yin Yoga”, “Theraphic Yoga” and the training we have received from the  Cihangir Yoga School (where we received our first Teaching Certificates).   Our approach also includes a strong focus on Nature. (See the YogaPatika link for further information.)

The Yoga practices at Patika are aimed at helping you discover your body and to connect with it on a deeper level, thus guiding the way you work on and with it.

Our body is our primary guide on the path of Yoga leading us to a sense of unity. Our connection to our body determines our life style, our outlook on life and our standards. Yoga done in nature helps us to feel our inner rhythm and gives us tools to synchronize this with the rhythm of nature.

You do not need to change all of your life style or give up all your habits. Patika simply offers you an opportunity to listen to your inner voice and the sound of nature by surrounding you with its garden (that stimulates all 5 senses), the pine forest, the sea, the sun and the wind.

In the city, it is much more difficult to isolate ourselves from external stimuli, with the challenges of urban life and daily hassles and responsibilities demanding our attention and energy. It is becoming much more difficult to find the time, energy and determination to turn inwards. However, when we are stepping on the earth, feeling the sun and the wind on our face and breathing clean air, when everything around us is simple and natural, we automatically become able to hear our inner rhythm and to feel the unity around us. 

Patika can offer you a different perspective. You can attend our morning Yoga classes on our outdoor Yoga platform overlooking the Mediterranean and the pine forest and spend the rest of your day taking walks in nature and swimming.

If you would like a more intensive yoga program as part of your holiday, please check the yoga programs link.

We hope to see you at Patika.

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